Shulamit Assif


Born in Israel, Has lived and worked for 15 years in Milan, Italy, where she completed her Diploma of Advertising and Art Direction at the I.E.D and Master studies in Relational Communication. Student of the International School of self-awareness for 24 years. Group facilitator (trainer) for 17 years.

Shulamit is the owner and CEO of In-Forma Israel since 2002, which was based on her personal interest and a 21 years research regarding the development of mankind’s potential. This was preceded by several years of her own personal search driven by a need for answers about the meaning of life, the meaning of things and how it could all have more sense and direction. In-Forma Israel marked the expansion of this focus to include others and how her discoveries could also bring a benefit to the larger world. This experience was used to develop a series of courses on how to how to read quickly, or rather how to capture data, elaborate it and retrieve it, improving the reader’s perception. This naturally includes memory skills but even more, learning how to learn.

Teaches at the Ben-Gurion University at Beer-Sheva, Israel already for 5 years, following students with learning disabilities and special enhancement projects, courses for gifted children and has held courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Interdisciplinary center at Herzeliyya, High-Tech companies such as NDS and CA.  Shulamit’s on-line courses clients include universities, professionals from the top levels of management, Judges and lawyers and students as young as 13 years old..